With increasing need for textile manufacturers to reduce pollution in textile production, the use of enzymes in the chemical processing of fibres and textiles is rapidly gaining wider recognition because of their non-toxic and eco-friendly characteristics. They can be safely used in wide selection of textile processes such as bio polishing, de sizing, scouring, fading, bleaching, dyeing, denim washing and finishing.

ORGZYM DCWP : Alpha-Amylase De-sizing powder
ORGZYM DCWP CONC : Concentrated Alpha-Amylase De-sizing Powder
ORGZYM DHTL : High temperature Stable Alpha-Amylase De-sizing liquid
ORGZYM DHTL CONC : Thermo Stable Concentrated Alpha-Amylase De-sizing liquid
ORGZYM ACBP : Acid Cellulase for Bio-Polishing
ORGZYM ACBF : Acid Cellulase Enzyme for Bio-Polishing of Knits and Garments
ORGZYM NC : Neutral Cellulase Enzyme for Bio-polishing in Liquid
ORGZYM NC CONC : Concentrated Neutral Enzyme for Bio-polishing for cottons
ORGZYM NCP : Neutral Enzyme for Bio-polishing & fading effects in Powder form
ORGZYM NCP CONC : Concentrated Neutral Enzyme Powder for Denims & Non-Denims
ORGZYM CAT : Enzymatic Peroxide killer
ORGZYM CAT SUPER : Concentrated Peroxide killer
ORGZYM CAT ECO : Economical Peroxide killer