New generation chemistry with high concentration syntans and fatliquors to manufacture top quality leather for shoes and upholstery for premium brands.

ORGTAN GMP Cationic syntan without formaldehyde for grain tightening and filling
ORGTAN GR 1 : Sulfonesyntan with high tannin content
ORGTAN GR 3 : Phenol and naphthalene based syntan for full grain and suede crust
ORGTAN GR 4 : Phenolic syntan with high tannin content
ORGTAN GR 5 : Replacement Syntan based on Sulfone
ORGTAN GR 7 : Soft melamine resin for mellowness and roundness with belly filling
ORGTAN GR 8 : Amphoteric Specialty Syntan based on Melamine and Sulfone
ORGTAN GR 9 : Special sulfonesyntan with high tannin content