Our beam house process ensures good quality final leather. It is like the foundation for the building. GG ORGANICS have many enviro friendly products for beam house. We have an unique user friendly wet white system.

ORGOL SKI : Soaking Agent with Bactericidal Action
ORGOL DC : APEO. NPEO and solvent free scouring and degreasing agent
ORGOL DCI : APEO. NPEO and solvent free Economical degreasing agent
ORGOL LS : Scouring and degreasing agent for liming and bating
ORGOL DF : Solvent free, nonyl phenol and APEO free degreasing agent
ORGLIME DEO : Nitrogen and Boric acid free de-liming agent
ORGLIME GSA : Compact soaking agent with multiple actions
ORGLIME AWL : Sulfide free anti-wrinkle agent
ORGWET 40 : NPEO and APEO free wetting agent
ORGZYM BE : Bleaching Enzyme
ORGZYM A-1 : Enzymatic Alkaline Bating agent
ORGZYM GL : Highly concentrated universal enzyme
ORGZYM DE : Enzymatic De-hairing agent
ORGCIDE B-6 : Biodegradable bactericide, free from PCP
ORGCIDE GP : TCMTB & PCP free, biocide for the preservation of wet blue leather
ORGCIDE OF : TCMTB, PCP and OIT free effective new generation fungicide
ORGCIDE GC 30 : TCMTB based fingicide
ORGCIDE OZ : TCMTB and PCP free highly effective fungicide
ORGFIX CRF/CR : Basifying Agent for Chrome Tanning
ORGFIX DFA : Cationic fixing agent to improve the fastness properties of anionic dyes
ORGECO pH : Special Organic pH reducing auxiliary