The beam house process prepares hides and skins for further tanning process and ensures the quality of the final leather. It is like the foundation of a building. The company has many environmental friendly products and also unique user friendly wet white tanning system.

ORGOL SKI : Soaking Agent with Bactericidal Action
ORGOL DC : APEO. NPEO and solvent free scouring and degreasing agent
ORGOL DCI : APEO. NPEO and solvent free Economical degreasing agent
ORGOL LS : Scouring and degreasing agent for liming and bating
ORGOL DF : Solvent free, nonyl phenol and APEO free degreasing agent
ORGLIME DEO : Nitrogen and Boric acid free de-liming agent
ORGLIME GSA : Compact soaking agent with multiple actions
ORGLIME AWL : Sulfide free anti-wrinkle agent
ORGWET 40 : NPEO and APEO free wetting agent
ORGZYM BE : Bleaching Enzyme
ORGZYM A-1 : Enzymatic Alkaline Bating agent
ORGZYM GL : Highly concentrated universal enzyme
ORGZYM DE : Enzymatic De-hairing agent
ORGCIDE B-6 : Biodegradable bactericide, free from PCP
ORGCIDE GP : TCMTB & PCP free, biocide for the preservation of wet blue leather
ORGCIDE OF : TCMTB, PCP and OIT free effective new generation fungicide
ORGCIDE GC 30 : TCMTB based fingicide
ORGCIDE OZ : TCMTB and PCP free highly effective fungicide
ORGFIX CRF/CR : Basifying Agent for Chrome Tanning
ORGFIX DFA : Cationic fixing agent to improve the fastness properties of anionic dyes
ORGECO pH : Special Organic pH reducing auxiliary