Revamping the leather sustainability

  • Sustainability is the integrated acheivement of social, economic and environmental balance. In recent years, environmental protection has become a worldwide concern. The leather processing industry is going through a phase change due to global environmental regulations.

  • The entire life cycle for leather products, from the beginning to the end of the product's life, involves an array of chemicals and machinery operations and has an impact on health and the environment. Both need plenty of fossil fuels, which emit greenhouse gases.

  • Sustainable chemicals are an essential component of this approach, as they can be used to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in our environment and our dependence on fossil fuel-based products.

  • GG Organics is pioneering the leather industry by introducing innovative products crafted from renewable resources, aiding the tanners in making high-quality leather, and providing immense benefits for the environment. By embracing sustainability, GG Organics is paving the way for a brighter and greener future.


    GG Organics' ZENTAN range of products is fully focused on renewable biomasses made from plants/animals for the synthesis of biopolymers.

    GG Organics SUSTAN Range

    The GG Organics SUSTAN range of products is the perfect choice for those looking to promote a more sustainablu and eco-friendly approach to leather processing. Not only do ther conform to all safety regulations and provide high-quality: leather, but they are also innovative and sustainable, helping to promote a circular economy. By using renewable resources, these products provide both ecological and economic benefits, allowing us to leave the planet in a better condition for the future.

    ZENTAN offers the following benefits

  • Biobased resources from nature-sustainable & renewable

  • Substantial decrease in the use of fossil fuel based chemicals

  • Non hazardous & less environmental impacts

  • Cutting back on carbon footprint

  • Enhancing leather attributes

  • Making a biodegradable leather



    We at GG Organics are committed to provide you high-quality eco-sustainable fatliquors. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is reflected in our selection of raw materials, all of which are sourced from renewable resources and adhere to a stringent eco-friendly profile. Further, we take great care to avoid hazardous maters in our fatliquors, and we are continually striving to make sure that our products meet the highest technical standards for physical and chemical properties of the leather. You can trust GG Organics for fatliquors that are both reliable and eco-friendly

    Percentage of Renewable Raw Materials - Fatliquors


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