The pre-treatment process involves of desizing, scouring, and bleaching, which removes impurities and makes the fabric hydrophilic, thus resulting in a ready substrate for further subsequent wet processing. The company provides a wide range of pre-treatment auxiliaries, including wetting agents, lubricants, scouring agents, dispersants, and chelates.

ORGWET HPWL : High Performance Wetting Agent
ORGWET JET : Middle Range Wetting Agent
ORGWET ECO : Eco friendly and Economical Wetting Agent
ORGWET T40 : Economical Wetting Agent
ORGXSCOUR ONE : Four in One Multi-purpose Scouring Agent
ORGSCOUR L : Bio scouring Enzyme for pre-treatment process
ORGSCOUR L CONC : Concentrated Bio scouring Enzyme for pre-treatment process
ORGSTAB PS : Peroxide Stabilizer
ORGLUBE C : Anti-creasing agent / Lubricating Agent
ORGSEQ SAE : Sequestering Agent Cum De-mineralizing Agent
ORGSEQ HTS : High temperature stable sequestering Agent
ORGACID AC : Core Alkali Neutralizer