Pretreatment process includes Desizing, scouring, and bleaching which removes impurities, makes the fabric hydrophilic, and thus makes the fabric ready for further wet processing.

With its broad portfolio of wetting agents, lubricants, scouring agents, dispersants, chelates, GGO delivers high-performance products to Textile processing.

ORGWET HPWL : High Performance Wetting Agent
ORGWET JET : Middle Range Wetting Agent
ORGWET ECO : Eco friendly and Economical Wetting Agent
ORGWET T40 : Economical Wetting Agent
ORGXSCOUR ONE : Four in One Multi-purpose Scouring Agent
ORGSCOUR L : Bio scouring Enzyme for pre-treatment process
ORGSCOUR L CONC : Concentrated Bio scouring Enzyme for pre-treatment process
ORGSTAB PS : Peroxide Stabilizer
ORGLUBE C : Anti-creasing agent / Lubricating Agent
ORGSEQ SAE : Sequestering Agent Cum De-mineralizing Agent
ORGSEQ HTS : High temperature stable sequestering Agent
ORGACID AC : Core Alkali Neutralizer