GG Organics provides a comprehensive range of wet-end leather chemicals for tanning, re-tanning, and fat-liquoring that promote sustainability and compliance with current environmental regulations. Our array of options, ranging from conventional to eco-friendly alternatives, allows tanners to craft leather with superior quality.


ORGTAN ACS : Chrome-Aluminium complex syntan
ORGTAN GL 50 : Glutaraldehyde based tanning agent
ORGTAN GR 9 : Special sulphone syntan with high tannin content
ORGTAN GR 10 : Aldehyde tanning agent “Free from Free-Formaldehyde
ORGTAN GR 12 : Aluminium triformate
ORGTAN GT 60 : Modified glutaraldehyde based tanning agent
ORGTAN OX 90 : Polyfunctional aldehyde for white leathers
ORGTAN PG : Wet White tanning agent


ORGTAN AA : Soft acrylic polymer
ORGTAN APS : Compact polymer Based on acrylates
ORGTAN GNR : Acrylic copolymers with no charge
ORGTAN GR 13 : Styrene Maleic copolymer syntan
ORGTAN G 34 : Acrylic polymer
ORGTAN G 40 : Acrylic polymer for all types of leathers
ORGTAN PMB : Acrylic copolymer
ORGTAN RE : Acrylic copolymer retanning agent
ORGTAN SMT : Styrene Maleic Copolymer
ORGTAN SRM : Soft polymer tanning agent for pretannage and retannage
ORGTAN SRK : Acylic Maleic copolymer
ORGTAN VP : Vinyl polymeric resin


ORGTAN ACL : Dye fixing and intensifying agent
ORGTAN AM : Amphoteric synthetic tanning agent
ORGTAN BSI : Bleaching syntan for all types of vegetable tanned leathers
ORGTAN CSI : Chrome syntan complex powder
ORGTAN FP : Protein based filler agent
ORGTAN GAL : Syntan based on Aluminium salts
ORGTAN GGP : Natural protein based filler
ORGTAN GN : Replacement syntan Based on aromatic sulphonic acid & oxy sulphone
ORGTAN GO : Compact retanning agent
ORGTAN GR 1 : Sulphone based white syntan with high tannin content
ORGTAN GR 3 : Phenol & naphthalene based white syntan
ORGTAN GR 4 : Phenol based white syntan with high tannin content
ORGTAN GR 5 : Replacement syntan based on sulphone and aromatic sulphonic acids
ORGTAN GR 8 : Amphoteric specialty syntan based on melamine & sulphone
ORGTAN KB : Replacement syntan based on sulphone for white leather
ORGTAN LF : Wet white syntan based on sulphone
ORGTAN LSK : Phenolic replacement tanning agent
ORGTAN OS : Universal replacement syntan based on sulphone & naphthalene
ORGTAN OM : Compact retanning agent
ORGTAN PO : Phenolic replacement syntan
ORGTAN PN : Synthetic pretanning syntan for vegetable tanning
ORGTAN SO : Synthetic replacement syntan based on sulphone & naphthalene
ORGTAN WRS : Specialty synthetic retanning agent based on sulphone
ORGTAN WT : Phenolic syntan with high tannin content
ORGTAN XO : Self-tanning synthetic tanning agent based on sulphone


ORGTAN FD : Modified Gambier derivatives
ORGTAN GCT : Light fast compact syntan based on TARA
ORGTAN GMB : Vegetable extracts based on Gambier derivatives
ORGTAN ME : Vegetable tanning agent based on myrobalan powder
ORGTAN UT : Vegetable extract based on TARA with modified Tannic and Gallic acid
ORGTAN VC : Vegetable extracts based on Acacia
ORGLITE VW : Special anti-oxidant


ORGTAN RM : Amino resin tanning agent
ORGTAN RMI : Amino resin tanning agent with selective filling
ORGTAN RP 7 : Special resin tanning agent


ORGTAN ACC : Cationic bio polymeric syntan
ORGTAN AML : Amphoteric liquid syntan
ORGTAN GW : Phenol based liquid syntan for white leather
ORGTAN LFL : Sulphone based liquid tanning agent
ORGTAN MIB : Specially designed liquid syntan for all types of milled leather
ORGTAN MNL : Melamine based resin tanning agent
ORGTAN NP Liq : Neutralizing syntan with buffering and retanning effect
ORGTAN OXL : Special liquid retanning agent with outstanding properties
ORGTAN PVL : Liquid based pretanning syntan for vegetable tanning
ORGTAN SCU : Specially designed liquid syntan for automotive leather
ORGTAN SRT : Liquid syntan based on phenol and naphthalene condensation


ORGTAN GR 6 : Dispersing and levelling syntan
ORGTAN NH : Neutralizing syntan
Neutralizing syntan : Multipurpose neutralizing agent
ORGTAN OL : High efficient dispersing agent
ORGTAN PP : Special product for multiple application


ORGOIL AA-20 : Multipurpose fatliquor especially for nappa and soft leathers
ORGOIL CAT : Cationic based fatliquor
ORGOIL CL : Cationic fatliquor based on the cationic ester of fatty amine
ORGOIL CS : Sulphonated vegetable oil Based fatliquor
ORGOIL ES : Synthetic lightfast fatliquor for all types of leather
ORGOIL ESU : Anionic Synthetic Fatliquor for soft and automotive leather
ORGOIL FS-60 : AOX free, compact and chrome stable fatliquor
ORGOIL G 2 : Synthetic fatliquor based on sulphited vegetable oils
ORGOIL GA : Lecithin based fatliquor for soft leather
ORGOIL GFL : Special Fatliquor for Upholstery Leathers
ORGOIL GG : Electrolyte stable fully synthetic fatliquor
ORGOIL GGK : Synthetic Bi-ionic fatliquor
ORGOIL GMR : Synthetic fatliquor for all types of chrome or veg tanned leather
ORGOIL GPS : Special polymer fatliquor
ORGOIL GR 14 : Special synthetic fatliquor
ORGOIL GRK : AOX free specialty fatliquor for furniture, garment and upper leathers
ORGOIL GSC : Sulphited fish oil Based fatliquor for very soft leathers
ORGOIL GSF : Synthetic fatliquor for glove leather
ORGOIL GSU : Synthetic and natural based fatliquor for all types of leather
ORGOIL GWR : Synthetic sperm oil substitute
ORGOIL GXE : Synthetic fatliquor based on paraffin wax for upper leather
ORGOIL KG : AOX free fatliquor for white leathers
ORGOIL KK : AOX free sulpho ester based fatliquor for light weight leathers
ORGOIL LG : Semi synthetic fatliquor based on hydrocarbons and lanolin
ORGOIL LP : Lecithin based special fatliquor
ORGOIL PFL : Polymer based softening agent
ORGOIL MDI : Fully synthetic sulpho ester based fatliquor
ORGOIL RH : Synthetic substitute for Neats foot oil
ORGOIL SCP : Synthetic fatliquor based on paraffin sulphonate
ORGOIL SGL : Phosphated synthetic fatliquor
ORGOIL SOL : Special fatliquor for upholstery, clothing and automotive leathers
ORGOIL TA : Sulphonate vegetable fatliquor
ORGOIL TS : Sulfo esters with Paraffin Sulfonate
ORGOIL VT-50 : Vegetable and synthetic oil Based economic fatliquor
ORGOIL WA : Synthetic fatliquors for white and pastel colored leathers
ORGOIL WSG : Alkyl phosphate based fatliquor
ORGOIL 94G : Anionic synthetic fatliquor for upholstery and other soft leathers