We have a large range of high performance sulphone based syntans and fat-liquors for various segments of shoes, leather goods, furniture and garment industry. Our Sulphone syntans imparts high light fastness.


ORGTAN GL 50 : Tanning agent based on Glutaraldehyde
ORGTAN OX 90 : Poly functional aldehyde syntan, for white leather
ORGTAN GR-10 : Aliphatic Mono Aldehyde
ORGTAN GTM : Tanning agent based on modified Glutaraldehyde
ORGTAN 5FS : Synthetic tanning agent for Chrome free tanning
ORGTAN GR 12 : Tanning agent based on Aluminum triformate for all types of leather
ORGTAN PG : Tanning agent for Chrome free leathers


ORGTAN G 34 : Anionic acrylic polymer for all types of leather
ORGTAN GNR : Polymeric tanning agent with no charge
ORGTAN AA : Soft Acrylic polymer
ORGTAN APS : Compact polymer for tightness and fullness
ORGTAN GR 13 : Styrene Maleic Copolymer syntan for grain tightness
ORGTAN GMS : melamine resin syntan without formaldehyde
ORGTAN CSM : Cationic styrene maleic resin for complete cationic system
ORGTAN PMB : Acrylic copolymer for retanning
ORGTAN G 40 : High Light fast Acrylic polymer suitable for all types of leather
ORGTAN RE : Co-polymer for Retanning
ORGTAN SRM : Soft polymeric tanning agent for pre-tannage and re-tannage
ORGTAN VP : Vinyl polymeric re-tanning agent for drum impregnation
ORGTAN SMP : Styrene Maleic copolymer syntan for grain tightness with mellow handle


ORGTAN ACL : Dye fixing and intensifying agent
ORGTAN AM : Amphoteric synthetic tanning agent
ORGTAN BSI : Bleaching syntan for all types of vegetable tanned leathers
ORGTAN CSI : Chrome Syntan for pretanning and Retanning
ORGTAN GR 13 : Styrene Maleic Copolymer syntan for grain tightness
ORGTAN GBAN : Economic phenolic syntan for all types of leather
ORGTAN FP : Protein based Filling Agent
ORGTAN GGP : Natural protein with selective filler
ORGTAN GO : Compact Replacement Syntan
ORGTAN LF : High Tanning Content White Syntan based on Sulfone
ORGTAN KB : Replacement syntan based on sulphone, for white leather
ORGTAN LSK : Phenolic replacement tanning Agent
ORGTAN OS : Replacement syntan based on Sulphone naphthalene
ORGTAN PN : Synthetic PretanningSyntan for Vegetable Tanning
ORGTAN PO : Phenolic replacement Syntan
ORGTAN SO : Replacement syntan based on Sulphone and naphthalene
ORGTAN WT : Phenolic Syntan high Tanning Content
ORGTAN WRS : Specialty synthetic retanning agent based on sulphone
ORGTAN XO : Self-tanning synthetic tanning agent based on sulfone
ORGTAN N : Phenolic syntan based on double condensation for all types of leathers
ORGTAN GN : Replacement syntan based on Aromatic sulfonic acids and oxy-sulfone


ORGTAN FD : Vegetable Extract based on Modified Gambier Derivative
ORGTAN GCT : Compact syntan based on TARA
ORGTAN UT : Vegetable extract based on TARA with modified Tannic and Gallic acid
ORGTAN VC : Acacia based vegetable extract as an alternate to Quebracho extract
G BLACK 88 : Poly phenolic based black syntan
ORGTAN ME : Vegetable tanning agent Based on Myroblam powder
ORGTAN GMB : Based on Modified Gambier derivatives of fine particle size
ORGTAN HTV : Catechol based compact vegetable tanning agent
ORGLITE VW : Special anti-oxidant
ORGTAN MPS : Compact vegetable tanning agent based on Pyrogallol tannins


ORGTAN RMI : Anionic amino resin tanning agent
ORGTAN RP 7 : Special Resin-tanning agent based on Melamine resin


ORGTAN CMR : Cationic synthetic tanning agent based on nitrogenous compounds
ORGTAN GW : Replacement syntan based phenol for white leather.
ORGTAN MLB : Special syntan for all types of milled leather
ORGTAN PVL : Pre-tanning syntan for all types of vegetable tanned leather
ORGTAN SRT : Phenolic retanningsyntan for all types of leather
ORGTAN AML : Amphoteric synthetic tanning agent
ORGTAN RL : Sulfone based retanningsyntan with special properties
ORGTAN LFL : Tanning agent based on sulfone for all types of leathers
ORGTAN OXL : Oxy sulfone based retanning agent with outstanding properties
ORGTAN MNL : Resin tanning agent based on melamine
ORGTAN ACC : Cationic bio-polymeric syntan for high exhaustion of Chrome


ORGTAN NH : Neutralizing Syntan
ORGTAN NFS : Multipurpose Neutralizing Agent
ORGTAN PP : Water softening and iron binding agent
ORGTAN GR 6 : Naphthalene based dye leveling and dispersing Syntan
ORGTAN OL : Light fast dispersing and levelling agent.


ORGOIL AA 20 : Multipurpose, SynthaticFatliquor especially for nappa and soft leathers
ORGOIL GRK : AOX-Free Specialty Fatliquor for Furniture, Garment and Upper leathers
ORGOIL KK : AOX-Free synthetic lightfast fat liquor for glove and garment leathers
ORGOIL CL : Cationic fatliquor based on cationic ester of fatty amine
ORGOIL CS : Sulphited vegetable based fat liquor
ORGOIL FS-60 : AOX free Chrome stable compact fat liquor for all types of leathers
ORGOIL GWR : Synthetic sperm oil replacement fat liquor
ORGOIL G-2 : Electrolyte stable Sulphited vegetable oil fat liquor
ORGOIL GXE : Synthetic Fatliquor based on Paraffin Wax
ORGOIL GA : Anionic Fatliquor based on Lecithin
ORGOIL GFL : AOX-free Special fat liquor for improving FOG values
ORGOIL GPS : AOX- free Synthetic and natural phosphated polymeric fat liquor
ORGOIL GSC : Sulphited de-odorized fish oil based fat liquor
ORGOIL GSU : Synthetic fat liquor for softy uppers
ORGOIL GSW : AOX-free Synthetic fat liquor for improving tensile strength
ORGOIL LP : High concentrated Lecithin based fat liquor
ORGOIL LG : Lanolin based semi synthetic fat liquor
ORGOIL GGK : AOX-free Bi-ionic fat liquor for all types of soft leathers
ORGOIL KG : Synthetic fat liquor for White Leathers
ORGOIL SGL : Phosphated synthetic fat liquor for all types of leathers
ORGOIL VO : Economical and all-purpose fat liquor based on sulphonated fish oil,
ORGOIL VT-50 : Fat liquor based blend of vegetable and synthetic oils,
ORGOIL WA : Synthetic fat liquor for white and pastel coloured leathers
ORGOIL 94 G : Anionic synthetic fat liquor for soft and spongy leathers
ORGOIL CAT : Cationic fat liquor for compact cationic crusting process
ORGOIL GG : Fully synthetic fat liquor based on sulfoesters for all types of soft leathers
ORGOIL MDI : Anionic, fully synthetic, electrolyte stable fat liquor
ORGOIL RH : raw synthetic oil, based on hydrocarbon for preventing fat spew
ORGOIL WSG : Hydrophobic fat liquor based on alkyl phosphate
ORGOIL GR 14 : Fully synthetic, electrolyte stable fat liquor for Chrome tanning