GG Organics BENITAN range is the ideal choice for leather producers looking to create premium quality leathers without the risk of formaldehyde and bisphenols. Our BENITAN products are safe retanning chemicals that give tanners an edge in the market by creating risk-free leathers.

BENITAN B 01 : Amphoteric synthetic tanning agent
BENITAN B 02 : Compact retanning agent
BENITAN F 03 : Resin syntan with cationic nature
BENITAN B 04 : Phenolic replacement syntan
BENITAN B 05 : Pretanning synta
BENITAN F 06 : Compact syntan
BENITAN F 07 : Phenol based retanning syntan
BENITAN B 08 : Universal Retanning Agent
BENITAN B 09 : Phenol based white syntan
BENITAN B 10 : Multipurpose phenolic syntan
BENITAN B 11 : Special tanning agent
BENITAN B 12 : Liquid retanning agent
BENITAN B 13 : Liquid syntan for milled leather
BENITAN B 14 : Pretanning liquid syntan