The beam house is a critical stage of the leather manufacturing process, and selecting the right chemicals can significantly influence the leather's quality and production efficiency. GG Organics offers a range of sustainable and biodegradable soaking, wetting, and degreasing agents, along with low-impact liming agents and auxiliaries that not only address environmental concerns but also ensure better penetration of tanning materials and dyes, yielding a softer, more pliable leather. Our chemicals enable you to manufacture high-quality leather at reduced operational costs, with enhanced sustainability in production.


GG Organics provides a comprehensive range of wet-end leather chemicals for tanning, re-tanning, and fat-liquoring that promote sustainability and compliance with current environmental regulations. Our array of options, ranging from conventional to eco-friendly alternatives, allows tanners to craft leather with superior quality.


We provide a comprehensive range of leather-finishing chemicals and auxiliaries, tailored to suit the various applications of the footwear, leather goods, garments and Upholstery industries. Our cost- effective and environment-friendly products are designed to help leather manufacturers create fashionable, elegant and top-quality products while meeting global safety and environmental standards, including ZDHC's MRSL. With our team of experts, we can formulate custom finishing systems to meet your specific requirements.


GG Organics BENITAN range is the ideal choice for leather producers looking to create premium quality leathers without the risk of formaldehyde and bisphenols. Our BENITAN products are safe retanning chemicals that give tanners an edge in the market by creating risk-free leathers.


The Company expanded into dealing with a broad spectrum of acid and metal complex dyestuffs under brand name “SAYA” to serve the leather industry. Pigments are known for their brilliance and lightfastness.


We strive to inspire environmental action through our products and services, creating a more sustainable future. Our innovative biobased and compostable polymers provide you with a greener option for leather processing. The SUSTAN range of products promotes an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based chemicals in leather processing, thereby minimizing the environmental impact, reducing toxicity, and promoting a circular economy.