Pre-Treatment Auxiliaries

The pre-treatment process involves of desizing, scouring, and bleaching, which removes impurities and makes the fabric hydrophilic, thus resulting in a ready substrate for further subsequent wet processing. The company provides a wide range of pre-treatment auxiliaries, including wetting agents, lubricants, scouring agents, dispersants, and chelates.

Dye Bath Auxiliaries

Dyeing auxiliaries play a vital role in improving the wash fastness of fabrics in the textile industry. The dyeing components include fixing agents, cationic agents, dispersing agents, levelling agents, etc. These dye bath auxiliaries are used to achieve the desired level of exhaustion, better dyeing characteristics, and improved fastness properties


These comprise the new generation of reduction clearing agents for polyester in dispersed dyes. Strong reduction ability, practical application, and easy cleaning make textiles brighter and better.

After Treatment

The company provides after-treatment chemicals such as:

1.Washing off agents - to remove unfixed/residual dyestuffs from the textile substrate in order to achieve the best fastness with minimum cross staining of the end product.

2.Soaping agents - to remove knitting oils, spin finishes, dye hydroxylates from the fabric3.Fixing agents - to improve the color yield without affecting the fastness properties.


With increasing need for textile manufacturers to reduce pollution in textile production, the use of enzymes in the chemical processing of fibres and textiles is rapidly gaining wider recognition because of their non-toxic and eco-friendly characteristics. They can be safely used in wide selection of textile processes such as bio polishing, de sizing, scouring, fading, bleaching, dyeing, denim washing and finishing.


Silicone softeners enhance the softness and smoothness of the surface of fabrics and textile substrates. It also improves tear strength, shades, provides ow yellowing property and imparts a silky touch to the fabric.


Specialty chemicals are advanced materials which gives good appearance, feel to fabric.

Whichever process is done, a specialty chemical makes the fabric more appealing to the consumer.


Softener is an ideal finishing agent in textile processing for improving the handle of the fabric. The company provides cationic softener, a binding agent that gives the textile a soft touch without a greasy texture. It is suitable for different types of fibres (e.g. cotton, man-made fibres and viscose fibres).