We strive to inspire environmental action through our products and services, creating a more sustainable future. Our innovative biobased polymers provide you with a greener option for leather processing. The ZENTAN range of products promotes an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based chemicals in leather processing, thereby minimizing the environmental impact, reducing toxicity, and promoting a circular economy.

ZENTAN Z 01 : Modified polymer with renewable resources
ZENTAN Z 02 : Natural-based reinforced biopolymer
ZENTAN Z 03 : Compact syntan with sustainable sources
ZENTAN Z 04 : Natural derivatives
ZENTAN Z 05 : Natural polyphenol with reductant
ZENTAN Z 06 : Natural polymer and vegetable extracts
ZENTAN Z 07 : Natural based tanning agent
ZENTAN Z 08 : Amino Acid enriched tanning agent